About Kundalini

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What is Kundalini?

Almost all spiritual traditions speak of Kundalini, the inner spiritual power, in one form or another. The Japanese call it “ki”, the Chinese “chi”, and in Christianity it is known as the Holy Spirit.


Prana is immaterial, invisible and imperceptive to our senses. But it has influence over the molecules, atoms and even sub-atomic particles.


The term yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuja” which means “to combine”, “to unite”. Yoga combine the Mind with the Body.

Shiva Shakti

Shiva is the masculine and passive element of pure consciousness, Shakti the feminine active element. Shiva and Shakti together form a duality in which Shiva is a power holder and Shakti is power itself.

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The word Yoga means union and it refers to union between one’s self and the spiritual entity who is not only one’s deepest self but is at the same time the omniscient deity of the universe.


This combination of strong, dynamic movement and asana allows for both strength building and sweet surrender in the shoulders. Embrace the new movements and the change that comes with challenge.


Yoga Teacher

Yogini Chinmayi
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"Kundalini with Monika is a deeply transformative experience, purging all the bodies of what no longer serves One. She takes the teachings quickly into realms so intense and Awe-some that you will be led into spontaneous experiences of healing. I have not yet found a teacher in The United States that can so effectively bring this transformation so quickly...even for a beginner! She will help to guide you through the portal that leads you into yourself. If she lived close to me I would absolutely work with her on a consistent basis. She is AMAZING!!!"

"Monika is a wonderful charismatic teacher with all devotion to her task which is to lead adepts through experiences of kundalini yoga practice. Truly involved on spiritual studies in-depth as she is now living in India. She is full of involvement in each individual case and so is a much caring and loving person, both in class and private life. I much appreciate her teachings and practice with her."

"Everyone is a teacher, and everyone is a student but every once in a while, the universe places a teacher on your path that changes the direction of where you are going, or more accurately, gives you better directions for where you want to go. Thank you, divine universe for connecting me to a true teacher and even more importantly a true friend."

“Before I met Monika I had several problems with my posture. I couldn’t sit cross-legged or keep my back in a straight position while sitting. I was struggling with these problems when one day Monika’s teachings suddenly clicked. We were sitting on the floor facing each other and meditating when I began being blue. Monika was giving me breathing and movement directions suddenly my entire world became blue. There were no objects no sound and nothing physical..

“If you really want to experience Yogic practice and Sadhana, no matter how deep your experience is, Chinmayi gives an opportunity of awakening, with the keys of Knowledge and Truth. My experience has been mostly in Benares guided by her teachings and presence, today and always this is printed in the Soul. Thank you Chinmayi, and welcome anyone in search of Self Experience!”